As Painter

"God's creation of the universe and all things great and small is magnificent and beyond our understanding.

Colour and sound make up the media of expression for my concepts and feelings.

When we see a beautiful flower or hear a wonderful sound from nature around us, our conscious mind tells us, " This is a beautiful flower", or "That is a lovely sound". But if we were to analyze the beauty of the flower or that of the sound minutely with our hearts, it would not be difficult for us to find revelation of a beauty far more sublime. It is in this exalted beauty that the amazing mystery of God's wisdom is revealed.

As I create art and music in my daily life, I endeavour to employ different means and styles to express my ideal concepts. But Man's ability is sadly limited. So long as we do our best, in utmost honesty share our experiences of these profound aesthetics with others and are able to evoke from them their ardent response, then we would have made life so much richer and more meaningful."

Kam Kee Yong

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"Some of Kee Yong's paintings are complex; some a vigorous and resplendent; yet some are simply and honestly portrayed. Whatever his style, the colours and feelings are cohesive like a beautiful piece of poem or a unique piece of music. The sheer beauty of the paintings leaves you entranced....His various styles hinge on realism, abstraction, impressionism and contemporariness. There is always something fresh and novel. One is charmed by the alluring music that seems to be oozing out from all his works."

Khoo Seow Hwa, renowned calligrapher and recipient of the International Award for Calligraphy Achievement.

The artist with an early version of "Heaven
and Earth in Harmony"