As Educator

In addition to his passion for composition and art. Kam Kee Yong also founded the People's Association String Orchestra in Singapore, the first children's orchestra who toured Singapore and Malaysia, performing to rave audiences. In 1985, WEA REcords in Singapore released two recordings of Kee Yong's works, "Chinatown Suite" and "Marine Parade Suite", written for and recorded by the People's Association String Orchestra.

His contributions to education in music and art led him also to form the Kam Kee Yong School of Music and Children's Art in Singapore . Subsequently in Canada, he founded the Avant Garde School of Children's Art and Music where his art students were gold, silver and bronze medalists in the World School Children's Art Exhibitions in the Republic of China in the years 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003.

  • The People's Association String Orchestra.
  • Kam Kee Yong's school of the arts.
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  • Artists.
  • Some selected participants of the World School Children's Art Exhibition.
  • Kam Kee Yong with violin students from the Avant Garde School of Music.
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